Huawei has released a million smartphones based on its new OS

We have already dealt with the reasons why Huawei did not hurry to release its own operating system in the nation. The company is just afraid that the lack of in App Gallery popular apps repel users, which, under present conditions the Chinese well is not acceptable. However, as it turned out, all this may be nothing more than journalistic assumptions with reality have nothing in common. In any case, it hints at a million smartphones Huawei, now working on the basis of Hongmeng OS.

According to the Chinese publication China Daily, Huawei has already released about one million smartphones running Hongmeng. It is precisely this amount was needed by the company to conduct extensive testing of the newest platforms. Another thing that is not yet entirely clear how Huawei intends to distribute these devices.

The new OS from Huawei

Perhaps they will give the employees that have to deal with Hongmeng before the official release. It is also possible that some of the smartphones with Hongmeng send software developers. Because right now Huawei is negotiating with development studios, urging them to publish their own applications in its directory, called the App Gallery. The consent of the developers is of high importance, as Google is guaranteed to close the Huawei devices access to Google Play, which means millions of users at risk to remain without demand.

Hongmeng — what is it

It is known that the future Huawei OS, like Android, is built on the Linux kernel, but more versatile. In contrast to the “green robot” Hongmeng (Chinese name of the operating system; the rest of the world it will be called Ark Oak OS or OS) is able to provide not only smartphones and tablets, but even personal computers, smart watches, televisions and other equipment. However, the greatest attention on the part of Huawei still require a mobile version, which is due to the American boycott of the developer may remain soft.

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