Huawei has seriously considered leaving Android

Huawei reclassified proprietary operating system, the development of which the company maintains for some time, from the spare project in the project high priority. It follows from GizChina sources close to the plans. Decision to be given its own platform more attention, planning to abandon Android in favor of it, due to the obstruction by the US government activities Huawei to conduct business not only in the country but also abroad.

The US desire to limit the influence of Huawei stems from linking the manufacturer with the Chinese authorities and espionage in his favor.

In this regard, the U.S. government decided to abandon the Telecom equipment supplied by Huawei, and also to prohibit the company to deploy the infrastructure to support the work of networks of the fifth generation. But that did not stop. The US also encouraged other countries to follow suit, issuing a ban on the activities of Huawei.

Own OS from Huawei

Analysts believe that Huawei will not be difficult to translate branded smartphones on a proprietary operating system. Huawei is one of the companies that are less dependent not only on Google , with its Android, but from the American equipment suppliers like Qualcomm.

The Chinese, like preparing for a trade war between countries, advance thought about to start production of their own processors, and to design your application catalog, which already enjoys considerable demand.

However, Huawei has never openly announced plans to abandon Android. On the contrary, the company sought in every way to emphasize the warmth of the relationship between Huawei and Google, refuting any rumors about ideological conflicts.

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