Huawei intends to launch a smart watch equipped with the system HarmonyOS after the confirmation of the company Oppo its intention to enter this market

LG SmartWatch

In the wake of the growing demand for smart watches recently, the company is planning for Oppo to enter this market with their own offerings, at least that’s what its executive vice president of the company, Mr. Shen Yiren on the network Chinese social media platform Weibo. Assured us the executive officer in the company that Oppo is working hard on its first smart watch which should appear sometime next year.

And then when asked to disclose more details, he explained Mr. Shen Yiren to the previous smartphone from the company coming on the most likely design of rectangular instead of circular in order to view more information on the screen. In addition, it can be expected the fans to see a pair of wireless earbuds that are marked for Oppo brand by the end of this year.

In related news, the company requires Huawei to launch a smart watch running HarmonyOS in the near future. Came the smart watch arena of the company with a system of LiteOS with the system WearOS of Google, but they did not succeed in getting significant traction.
For to reduce the market share for WearOS, the Huawei is that this is the time to test the water, through the use of the new operating system on the smart watches. The company believes that the new operating system of its own would give her a better chance to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple in the market of wearable devices.

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