Huawei intends to put Mate X rollaway next month with Kirin 990

Huawei intends to put Mate X rollaway next month with Kirin 990

Said the CEO of Huawei (Richard Yu) on Friday during an event held by the company in the framework of its participation at the rate of consumer electronics IFA 2019 in the German capital of Berlin: the Huawei may start selling its smartphone folding (dead X) Mate X next month.

Yu: he hoped to have the phone for sale already, but because of the raised fifth-generation networks, and the need to give app developers time to adapt their apps with the new screen size, it took longer than expected. The report released last month that the device (dead-X) will be available only in the month of November to say the least, and now comes the day to confirm that all holds into October.

Said day: “you may start in the next month selling it on the world level. The manufacture of this phone is not very expensive; it is facing some challenges in terms of size and production of the comprehensive”. Revealed on the day that Huawei might destroy her therapist the new (Kirin 990) Kirin 990 – which was announced on Friday also – on the phone.

The phone (dead X) – which was announced at Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 in the month of February in the city of Barcelona – rival flagship phone Samsung foldable (Galaxy Fuld). And after that forced Samsung to withdraw the samples after the appearance of the problem in the screen, continued to postpone the launch until Friday, which started selling in South Korea, will begin in the access to other countries as of 18 September.

Unlike the phone (Galaxy Fuld) – which opens like a book to reveal a screen adaptable to the curvature of the inside – the (meta X) opens towards the outside.

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