Huawei introduces its smart watch 2 2018 a double version with

Recently, the company has maintained Huawei on a certain level of success in the market of wearable devices, where he managed to get a market share of 6% on the global level, in an attempt to achieve this level of Success, the company decided to launch an upgrade for its smartphone, the Huawei Watch 2 Pro and a new Watch called Watch 2 2018 up in two different versions.

The previous running Watch 2 2018 comes screen OLED driving 1.2 inch width 390Ă—390 pixels and a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 in addition to the 4 GB of internal storage memory along with 768 MB of RAM.

Include previous NFC chip inside allows payment through the service Huawei Pay and Ali Pay through WeChat in China, too, supports the new standard of IP68 for water and dust resistance and built-in GPS, plus a sensor to monitor the heart rate and the ability to track sleep patterns.

And comes with two featuring first a cheaper version support contact Bluetooth just to the side of another model with support for both SIM cards, e-card or Nano-SIM. And speaking of that, when you use the 4G, will the battery of 420mAh which is included for one day of battery life. Alternatively, you can extend this for an additional 12 hours if it has been deactivated 4G.

Will be available hours Huawei 2 2018 at a starting price of $ 240 (900 SAR/AED) in China for the ratio of the Bluetooth in it would be the model of LTE towards $ 310 (1200 SAR/AED).

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