Huawei introduces the next generation of cutting edge solutions that you think artificial intelligence

Huawei announced during GITEX announced the launch of three new products in the totalare the next generation of thesolutions that rely on artificial intelligence technology anddirected the institutions and the B– N –M utilityintegrated storage “Ocean Storm Dorado, the anddatabase artificial intelligence “GOSS di me”, the storage system of the site othe preferred performance so far, the Fusion Sturridge 8.0 all of which are considered the first and best performance in its class at the world level.

Captures the storage system integrated smartphone “Ocean Storm Dorado super speed andfastness durable powered artificial intelligence for the features they possess and in the introduction to her own performance, don’tspeed through the structure of the Treaty on the slides the most important of which partner unit thecontrollers in hard drives, the Processor ascend 310 artificial intelligence who hogged by Huawei CalAand for of quality at the level of the world as it meets the requirements for use in real-time and is consistent with all the scenarios of different business sectors and industries..

The system has Bthe performance continued uninterrupted with brown reliable that you think sme a network of “Smart Matrix interconnected exactlythey are characterized by high, and is characterized by the susceptibility of the operation of the service even when they are available seven controllers out of eight in the same time, what represents the standardthey are new, they trust in the capacity of storageHey.

Or on the level of operating efficiency and maintenance, inthanks to the availability of cloud terminal with artificial intelligence: Supports the first system is intelligent in the field of data storage, the andwhich works Bprocessors ascend artificial intelligence, and thelinkeddata thesemanticare formachine learning, which improves the rate of Read cache by 50%. In addition to yyou, says the availability of cloud terminal with the artificial intelligence to the implementation of Cycle Management Life smart data, it also establishes a systemthey are automaticthey are aManage Data BBthe intention of the threeare layered, which reduces the burden of operating expenses on the client.

The GOSS di me” launched by Huawei it is the database of a leader depends on theintelligence artificial in the world, and represent two innovations were revolutionary at one time. First, the Vcount the base of thedata of this pioneer in the integration of the capacities of artificial intelligence in all phases of the distributed databases, making the operations the operation and maintenance of self-andself research and synthesis of self andrespect of self and recovery of self possible. Andin scenarios, online analytical processing, and processing online transactions, scenarios mixed processing / analysis of transactions, using the database “GOSS, D. B.” The Theory of trade-offs to create the first algorithm is self-learning and weaknesses in this area, andimprove the performance of pressure adjustment by more than the 60%.

Secondly, thanks to the system of governance of a heterogeneous , innovative, and T.Do database GOSS di me” of computing power growing, and hasoccupied the first rank in terms of performance, and their results were 50% higher than the average of those generally accepted in the council itself. Informationsupport of GOSS di me” deployment scenarios multiple, including domestic publishing and across clouds-private or public. Provide “ Gao , D. B.” A large range of data storage services high-performance on the Cloud Huawei, the and to customers in the areas of Finance, internet, logistics, education and the automotive industry.

The world would intelligent standardsE – performance storage systems andthe extent of their spread andthe way management. In response, the system comes storage “Fusion Sturridge 8.0 site top performance in the world to offer three innovative features added such as his significantly. First, the system offers a fusion Sturridge 8.0 higher performance for the site in the area, and that’s what makes him the first storage system to the dispenser supports dynamic applications for enterprises. Andsupports at the sametime the Protocols of the storage mass and storage of filedata and the system of Hadoopfor the group, allowing the storage system one management of an entire data center. The second feature consists in its ability to integrate artificial intelligence in the management of the life cycle of stored data, the resource planning and provision of services, to improve the system and predict the risks anddetermine the location of the holiday.

Said Alan Kiev, City Year, sales of data center solutions in the group work of the Huawei Enterprise of the enterprise sector and institutions in the Middle East after the announcement of the launch of theseproducts during GITEX: “In the digital economy the current, and Vthe work of the communications and new applications to accelerate the flow of data andchange the way in which to protect our data. Andwith the rapid development of modern techniques such as the technique of the fifth generation andartificial intelligence techniques and the Internet of Things, has been created for a variety of applications, andgenerate huge amounts of data, and for that reason appear the demands of theinformation a true Bthe processing of data immediately, you must upgrade the infrastructure fordata in order to achieve these demands. And the Storage System Integrated “Ocean Storm Dorado the experience of Huawei in the field of systems and storage integrated, helps customers get the largest amount possible of the value of their data“.

He added: has made Huawei’s great success in market institutions in the Middle East, where they received products, here in the field of data storage and intelligent tribute to the extremely. And Storage System Integrated “Ocean Storm Dorado the new, and towards the Middle East Market, The consideredSystem Model neware forperformance, stability and intelligence. I am confident that Ooffers a service better to our customers from the institutions in the future, where the contexthelped them to achieve they arefor more success in the business world”.

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