Huawei is already looking for an alternative to follow the Google Play and talk about Aptoide

هواوي تبحث بالفعل عن بديل لمتجر قوقل بلاي والحديث عن Aptoide

After the storm that shook the Chinese company Huawei, adding the company in the ban list Black by the United States, as well as the declaration of many of the big companies the likes of Google and Microsoft that they will continue to deal with the Chinese company, it led to the creation of a myriad of problems for the company, where it is linked to their production for smart devices, as well as an environment of special programs, specifically the Prohibition of access to the store Android Official Google Play.

However, this prohibition means that Huawei need to solve the Reserve, and one of the options that your target company is using the operating system internally, but reports indicate that it is in talks also with the App Store alternative to Aptoide.

Here, it is not clear whether the negotiations will involve the hosting company in Aptoide, or whether the alternative app store will be pre-loaded on the devices of the company, however, the Aptoide not Apps Store Official, which means that it is rarely download apps by the developers themselves, as it does not take into account regional restrictions or limitations of the devices and allows people to download versions are not stable, which frustrates people who are accustomed to use the Play Store.

Finally, there is no official statement about this partnership at the current time, and still the two companies hold talks to determine how to integrate their products with each other, however because the operating system of Huawei will be able to run Android apps, it looking for a long-term cooperation rather than just a temporary solution.

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