Huawei is collaborating with a Chinese company to ask phone a folding screen Flexible 8 inch


Sources revealed Korea that Huawei is working closely with the company’s BOE , China and specialized in the field of screens to produce the first foldable phone, to be commercially available by November

It is said that the device will enter a large-screen 8-inch flexible, as it will be a strong Competitor for Galaxy Note 9, which will be about the Samsung over the coming months.

هاتف قابل للطىFoldable phone

According to the report the development of company BOE four different designs to Smart Phone with the two companies, the two heard and OBO, the company Samsung developed the screen by the floppy, the potential partners of the Chinese understanding of Lenovo and ZTE.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time I show him some of the reports that reveal the plans of Huawei to develop smart phone foldable, as it appeared the first news two months ago when the company registers a patent for a device with a flexible display.

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