Huawei is considering using the operating system Aurora OS [rumors]

When it comes to alternatives, the availability of more alternative is always better than the celebration one alternative, and Huawei will apply this word where it didn’t write the status of the operating system of our Ark OS the subject of the test, but added to another operating system named Aurora OS.

Practically, the system of the Aurora OS is derived from the operating system Sailfish OS based on Linux which is developed for MeeGo, which was developed in collaboration between Nokia and Intel.

The rumors suggest that the CEO of Huawei Guo Ping discussed with the minister of development of digital Russian Konstantin Noskov about the possibility of using the operating system Aurora OS which I started testing it already on some devices. She had signed up Huawei with company MTS Russian recently, a partnership agreement to develop and launch networks of the fifth generation of the internet in Russia

And the first version of Sailfish OS to the end of 2013 which operating system is used in a number of different devices including smart phones and provides its interface in 14 languages, not including Arabic currently.

Of course all this is still in the rumors circulated by different sources and there are no official statements about it.

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