Huawei is experiencing growth slow in the second half of 2019 because of the problems with America

US President, Donald Trump has signed is enforceable since two months is recommended to prevent Huawei from dealing with American companies, and since then has Huawei come from a large number of problems beginning of get products and services from American companies access to shake the confidence of users in them.

The negative impact of the draft Huawei with the U.S. government was not a psychological impact only on the company and its customers but was no economic impact is clear, as one of the market analysis has revealed that the company’s growth in the second quarter of the year 2019 has suffered from slow significantly compared with the previous quarter.

The report stated that the company’s sales in the European market decreased by 1.9% compared with the first quarter (which starts from January and ends in March), while the decreased sales of the company increased by 9% Full in the months of May and June which is the period that has been applied to the ban on Huawei, but the good news here is that Huawei, in spite of all this it has made a profit greater than the profit for the same quarter in the previous year 2018.

The report also said that the companies which have benefited significantly from this prohibition are the Samsung share, this is because the users of Android and fall back on the purchase of Huawei Singen certainly the products of one of these two companies. What helped Huawei also raised its sales and this crisis kind of are their sales in China, where the company took control of the 46.1% of the smartphone sales in China for the third quarter and maybe the Chinese have meant that to support the company.

The United States has taken control of Motorola to 8.1% of the market share for smartphones for the quarter, credit here goes to phones E5 Play and Moto G6 Plus certainly, also more selling phones in the United States is the iPhone XR is the iPhone the only one that came at the price rather low in compared to offer excellent performance followed in terms of sales phones iPhone 8 and iPhone XS Max and ranked fourth and fifth came in my phone Samsung S10 and S10 Plus.

Source: Gizmochina | Kantar

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