Huawei is in talks with Aptoide to find an alternative solution for Google Play Store

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

In the past few days, I found the Huawei itself in an unenviable position with the U.S. government. Cause total ban to buy Huawei in the leadership of many American companies to cut ties and partnerships with the Chinese company industry leader in smart phones.

Why is the withdrawal of a license Android from Huawei, but was prevented also from Android software Q Beta and use technology to ARM you rely on to design a series processors HiSilicon Kirin Series affiliate compliance with the laws of the United States government new the strict.

Although the United States deferred the ban for 90 days, except that the company Huawei is already thinking in a backup plan, in case of Return of the ban came into force. It was said that Huawei has asked the application developers to send their apps to the store Huawei Apps Gallery its.

This is the idea spot that came to mind Huawei because many phones for Huawei and the Honor comes preloaded with store Huawei App Gallery. And stated that, the media reported that the Portuguese store Aptoide which is an open source alternative for Google Play Store with more than 900 thousand apps and more than 100 million users, is negotiating with Huawei to develop an alternative for Google Play Store.

Remember that the Prohibition of Huawei includes the cancellation of the license granted to him by the company Google. This means that Huawei will need to use the system of Android rough AOSP without the applications and services of the company Google. Still license Android given buy Huawei intact during the period of delay of 90 days.

It is reported that Huawei is also trying to get the approval of European Commission to include the App Store Huawei Apps Gallery preinstalled in phones for Huawei and the Honor to assist in the processing position. For partnership possible with Aptoide, you’ll have to see how to plan for Huawei to implement them, if this ban always features a section of smart phones in the Huawei.

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