Huawei is on the verge of life and death

Despite the fact that just a few weeks ago Huawei introduced HarmonyOS, which has the potential to become a new alternative to iOS and Android, the company is on the verge of life and death. This statement was made by the founder and CEO of Hauwei Ren Jenifa. In this regard, he said, the decision was made to reallocate part of the staff of some projects and to begin preparations for the reduction of those whose performance will be unsatisfactory.

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The reason for the uncertainty about the future of Huawei in the US sanctions that were introduced this spring, says Jenifa. A ban on the conduct of joint activities with American businesses and use of their developments have led to the fact that the company’s products began to use smaller demand. According to analysts Huawei, sales alone smartphones before year-end will fall to 60 million copies, compared to the planned result.

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The delay, which the United States gave Huawei, almost no difference. Users understand that if a smartphone brand will lose access to the Android updates, Google services and other applications developed by us companies, they will get high-tech, but hardly applicable in real-life brick. Therefore, the only country where branded devices, Huawei is still in demand, is China.

Due to the fact that almost all of the services, social networks and instant messengers used by the rest of the world, in China are banned, the Chinese don’t care, will keep Facebook and WhatsApp support Android or not.

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Despite the sharp fall in customer loyalty, Huawei tries to maintain the demand for its smartphones as you can. For example, in Russia, the company launched several sequential programs, in which were given in addition to the flagship Huawei P30 P30 Lite Pro mainstream or, say, doing 40% discount on supplimentry Honor View 20. So Huawei has tried to prevent the catastrophic fall in sales and, as a consequence, their income.

What about Huawei because of the sanctions

In the opinion of Mikhail Korolev, the founder of, Huawei is practically nothing to fear, because of its conflict with the United States for her was great and is the reason for sympathy from the true fans. And they were the years of prosperity of the company have accumulated are not enough.

For example, Huawei, the United States decided to show the China, who on this planet master. Yeah, Huawei is not fortunate to be a whipping boy in the battle of two superpowers, but, on the other hand, I’m sure the Chinese government will do everything to Huawei fine itself felt in China. They give huge tax breaks to invest in them millions of yuan, will force other Chinese companies to use only the equipment of Huawei. China should make it clear to US that they are not afraid of the gray wolf in the form of a ban on working for their companies on the territory of the United States. But what will the US do without equipment Huawei, which is a fairly large proportion of iron from cell phone providers is not very clear, — said Korolev.

Reason to worry at Huawei do not. Yes, the company will not become suddenly independent from Google and its services. No HarmonyOS, no in-house mapping service will not replace her Android with a ready ecosystem, the formation of which may take years. However, the Chinese government certainly will not allow Huawei to insult and will carefully preserve.

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