Huawei is planning to compete with the iOS system running HarmonyOS new!

In the interview bold, stated the CEO of Huawei to operating system HarmonyOS New introduced by the company this year will be able to suitable operating system Apple iOS in two years.

هواوي تخطط لمنافسة نظام iOS بنظام تشغيل HarmonyOS الجديدHuawei is planning to compete with the iOS system running HarmonyOS new

Said executive director “I think that it will take less than two to three years, since I’m part of the leadership of the company, I need to be more conservative when discussing the schedules. Otherwise, you end up having a lot of pressure on our staff. “

Huawei has launched the system HarmonyOS last August, after its exposure to the U.S. and the risk of depriving the phones to get a permit to use the Android system.

However, the system of harmony new was launched as a comprehensive system for smart devices as a whole and not as a system to turn on the phone, the company launched TV Honor Vision TV is the first smart device for new also known as the HongMeng, who was working the Chinese company leading its development since years.

Said CEO of Huawei in his word that the system HarmonyOS can be a substitute for the Android system at any time in the future if you don’t use Huawei’s use of Android system, and the situation with Google, which is what actually happened where you can’t Huawei will launch a series Mate 30 with Google services.

On the other side, the official explained, Huawei that the company is experiencing a decline of $ 10 million dollars in sales revenue because of their inability to use Google services in their phones.

Said the CEO: “We still hope to continue to use the operating system of Google, we are committed to cooperation friendly with Google”

“We need to be further improved in terms of software, we are weak some thing when it comes to the structure of large software.”

There is no doubt that the location of the current Huawei after the U.S. ban is getting worse every day, except that the giant Chinese seems to be confident of the operating system of the New despite the fact that in front of him some time.

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