Huawei is planning to launch a TV 5G strictly 8K

Huawei has an ambitious plan for the year 2019, and does not mean the narrowing down of the competition with Samsung in the smartphone market, but also add smart TV leading to their ecosystem,according to sources reliable.

The source reported that TV Huawei will be the leading category, as Will the fifth-generation networks and specifications of the leading of the display resolution of 8K and many smart features.

He added that the TV will download videos 360 ° content and virtual reality and other content “heavy” in a short time. Thanks to the contact networks of the fifth generation, it will be a TV Huawei as a director of smart home applications.

So step make of Huawei’s new competitor for Samsung in the TV market which is considered one of the largest companies in it, knowing that Samsung already launched a TV strictly 8K, but didn’t shoot after the TV with the support of networks of the fifth generation.

Will you write my Huawei competing with Samsung in the TV market, where plans of the Chinese to be among the top 5 companies computing market by 2021, this would entail a doubling of shipments to three-fold by 2019, says that Huawei is planning to manufacture the processors and the edges of its own as it is doing with its smart phones.

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