Huawei is preparing a major update to EMUI. What’s new?

Last week Huawei introduced a new technology Arc Compilerdesigned to modify Android to increase its performance. It improves the efficiency of optimization at the architectural level, the operating system, making possible to reduce response time for standard and third-party software 44 and 60%. Huawei has announced that this innovation will be available to all manufacturers, without exception, but until recently did not say when it will appear on its own smartphones.

The first smartphones with Ark Compiler will be the vehicles line Mate: Mate 20, 20 Pro Mate, Mate and Mate 20 X 20 RS Porsche Design. They will receive support with the release of EMUI 9.1, which first released in beta to developers Huawei was able to experience her work on a relatively wide audience. But the need to test EMUI 9.1 dictated not only by the introduction of the Ark Compiler, but also other innovations aimed at accelerating the performance of compatible smartphones.

How to speed up Huawei

According to some reports, Huawei plans to integrate into EMUI 9.1 new file system EIO (Extended Read-Only File System). It was from scratch designed by the engineers of Huawei, given the hardware features branded smartphones. It not only increases the speed of reading the files, but also increases application response times and more efficiently consume the available space. Thanks she will be able to reduce the volume occupied by the system disk space up to 2 GB.

In addition, EMUI 9.1 it is expected the redesign of the operating system. The developers decided to make the firmware more minimalistic, focusing on the unification of interface elements. For example, it was decided to redraw the app icons, making them visually lighter, and recycle themes. It is also planned to add new capabilities to the control condition within the same application. With the release of EMUI 9.1 it will allow you to establish a connection with the equipment via NFC, through analysis of calories burned, distance traveled and other data.

Ecosystem Huawei

Overall, the implementation of EMUI 9.1 is very similar to what Apple does. Conceptual innovations aimed at improving the work of compatible devices, repeat ecosystem features gadgets on macOS and iOS. Under the new initiative, Huawei is preparing to teach smartphones to establish a connection with the brand laptops, just bringing them to each other. Contactless connection allows you to transfer files between devices faster than using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and also have a shared clipboard, by analogy with the Continuity feature from Apple.

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