Huawei is preparing lidar for unmanned vehicles. Need a backup

When a company rests on some kind of ceiling in their development or when it starts obvious problems with the business, she often looks for some alternative way of development. About this situation now is Huawei, which should overcome the difficulty for the difficulty. It seems that the company now understands the market is changing and to survive only at the expense of its coolest smartphones it will not work. And what if she at some point won’t be able to produce them. Of course, she earns a lot on telecommunication equipment, but an alternative path still needed and, it seems, the Chinese company found them in unmanned vehicles. Sounds a little strange, given her profile, but in a certain sense it is.

Стенд Huawei

This company need to get out somehow and come up with something new. Although this is not necessary?

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Lidars Huawei

Now, despite the problems that Huawei has to overcome because of the sanctions imposed by the U.S. government, the company remains one of the industry leaders, do not think that it will always be. It is therefore necessary to look for expansion opportunities.

Huawei develops at the expense of their other businesses — production of telecommunication equipment and lidars for vehicles.

USA has banned Huawei to produce the chips, but the mentioned characteristics Huawei Mate X2. When the second better than the firstpreparing to sell their

According KrASIA, currently, Huawei is working on an inexpensive lidar products for Autonomous vehicles. In addition to enhancing the profitability of products, the company strives to improve performance. In June last year, the company also announced that over the next five years will spend more than 12.5 billion pounds (about $ 16 billion, or 1.7 trillion rubles) on unmanned vehicles and electric vehicles.

The cost of lidar, which plans to release the Huawei, it will be very small.

Huawei has confirmed the release of the first smart watches on Harmony OS. USA has banned Huawei to produce the chips, but are getting ready to sell them yourWhat's next?

During the opening of the 12th automobile Blue Book forum in Wuhan, the head of smart cars in Huawei said the company plans to release lidars that cost less than $ 100 in the future. Currently, the lidar available on the market, are on average about $ 500. Fivefold difference looks very generous offer. Especially if the end product will not loose quality relative to peers.


So sees the world from lidar and it is enough.

Autonomous cars Huawei

Huawei will use its expertise in the telecommunications sector, to offer car manufacturers the best automotive products. Many companies are now importing lidar sensors for Autonomous vehicles. Is that some kind of redistribution of the market, when new technologies give way to traditional. The new types of transport now remind you about what happened at the end of zero, when users massively changed from the keypad dialer to smartphones.

If all goes as rapidly as then, it is those companies that can now be reconstructed, will be able to become real leaders in the industry. Those who will miss the moment, will repeat the fate of Nokia, Alcatel and Motorola phones in the world.

The mentioned characteristics Huawei Mate X2. The mentioned characteristics Huawei Mate X2. When the second better than the firstWhen the second better than the first

What is lidar

The lidar sensor emits laser beams of light to measure the distance between the source and the object. According to the company, the technology development of 5G will help to reduce the cost of sensors. From Huawei was already a center of research and development in Wuhan with more than 10,000 employees. Just think about the number of people who are engaged not in manufacturing or trade, and development. It’s really a lot.

Китайский завод

When developments are completed, it will become a plant.

Now offers solutions for Autonomous driving, car manufacturers. Soon the company will release lidars at 100 and 200 channels at a lower price than the competition. However, to launch its own unmanned vehicle is not planned yet. Perhaps it’s a matter of time, but the production of your car is very expensive. Of course, if you don’t do something like car from LeEco, which showed on the exhibition, shot in the ”Transformers” and all. It is also noted that Huawei develops innovative solutions for more rapid development and production of vehicles.

Can Huawei survive if Can Huawei survive if you have to abandon the Kirinwill have to abandon the Kirin

New business Huawei

In September last year, Huawei has also developed a comprehensive intelligent solution for driving at the fourth level. This is a level at which there is only one step up to fifth, ensuring full autonomy of driving. The company will offer these solutions for Autonomous driving, car manufacturers. Perhaps, the same deals with Apple. We often hear about its developments in the field of automated driving, and so many are waiting for the whole car, but if the idea is still alive, then most likely it will be something like that, which makes Huawei.

Беспилотный автомобиль

Unmanned vehicles are the future. See what place it will take Huawei.

The representative of Huawei also announced a partnership with several companies, including Audi, BYD and GAC Group. With lidar sensors, for the first time Huawei will introduce a hardware product for the automotive industry. Just imagine how cool will work for smartphones as the access key to the car.

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Due to US sanctions the company has no access to technology and other U.S. companies, but nobody is going to give up. I’m more like these guys. Behind them all fun to watch.

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