Huawei is preparing to hold a conference of the nova 5 on the 21st of June

The company launched the Huawei video trailer of the new to announce the next conference on the 21st of June to unveil all of my phone nova 5 and also phone nova 5i.

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After the spread of the many leaks about phones nova 5 and nova 5i during the financial period, came the announcement of the Huawei official today, confirming the launch date of the phone on the 21st of June.

I have been monitoring my phone nova 5 and nova 5i in TENAA recently, offering Huawei hole design screen in the two phones, it also comes hole in the left side of the upper part is the design maintains the previous version nova 4.

Projections indicate that Huawei will nova 5 and nova 5i settings triple or quadruple in the camera background, it also has the phone the fingerprint in the background, also is expected to include phones LCD screen.

Some leaks indicate that the phone nova 5i will apply settings quad in cable car rear sensor with a key strictly 24 megapixel, sensor high with 8 mega pixel camera, with a sensor, 2-megapixel depth of imaging, sensor ToF combo, as the phone comes with a processor, the characteristic speed of 2.2 GHz, forecasts indicate that the phone comes with a microchip Kirin 710, while the phone comes nova 5 chip processor Kirin 970 or Kirin 980.


I know of

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