Huawei is preparing to introduce its dependence on the components of Samsung result for the American

The company Huawei is one of the most important customer of Samsung since a few years now, but new details have confirmed that Huawei is heading for applications for the supply of the components of Samsung result for the American.

Does not include the U.S. ban imposed on Huawei definitely Korean giant Samsung, but the Korean company already has common interests with huge the United States and American companies may eventually lead to the approval of Samsung on the implementation of the resolutions of the ban on Huawei.

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There is no doubt that the U.S. ban on Huawei was as alert to many manufacturers of smart phones in general and Huawei in particular, where you are trying to Huawei’s recent cooperation with a larger number of suppliers and businesses all over the world to avoid joining other companies in this ban.

Hence the Read Huawei’s new by reducing its dependence on the Korean giant Samsung as the Office of the company, to avoid joining Samsung embargoes under pressure from the American administration.

By another indicate some registry to plans Huawei site during the next period the components were manufactured in the Chinese market by 100%, you will start to Huawei in reducing the requests for supply from the Korean giant gradually during the next five years, as rely more heavily on local suppliers in China.

And Huawei fifth place among companies that rely on components Samsung, with Apple in first place followed by each of Best Buy and Deutsche Telekom, and Verizon.

Recall that Huawei intends on Samsung in memory chips, storage, and Huawei in the coming period to suppliers in China, so we might see devices where the tray is 100% from Huawei in the coming period.


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