Huawei is preparing to launch a phone nova 5 with charger capacity 40W

Confirmed the latest leaks on Huawei plans to support its phones available with Fast shipping, Where comes phone nova 5 later with the quick charger the capacity of 40W.

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Adopted Huawei phone two SEA-TL10 and SEA-AL10 recently in 3C, where the come box packaging phones with a charger capacity of 40W according to the serial number of the charger that comes with the same figure for the P30 Pro.

Confirm the registration and that these versions are series nova is expected of Huawei, in accordance with the schedule to launch phones nova who was in the same materials from last year, so is expected to launch a series nova 5 is coming soon.

The monitoring of the phones on the website of the Eurasian in leaks again, where comes the first release code SEA-LX1 or phone nova 5, while the second version with the symbol SEA-LX1U or nova 5i.

As revealed leaks photographer to keep your phone nova 5 for design try Phone Huawei P30 lite, but with the sensor of the fingerprint to the bottom of the screen, so we expect the official announcement of the series nova 5 let’s get clearer on the specifications of the Huawei mobile phones available this year.


I know of

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