Huawei is preparing to launch her phone rollaway Mate X configurations best with enhance the efficiency of the design

Provide Huawei soon the first version of phones collapsible Mate X configurations indoor stronger, with more efficient design to implement vigorously the giant Korean with her phone associated with the Galaxy Fold.

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She managed to get Huawei to avoid the emergence of any problems in the units Mate X before the launch of the phone market and users, where they benefited from the period of postponement of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, to enhance the efficiency of the design of the phone is its exterior and interior to be units designed to more efficiently support the user to experience the best in this category of phones.

Also made sure the Huawei to provide the best processor chip for the company Kirin 990 phone Mate X to enhance the performance of the phone where the announcement of the chip was officially launched during the month of September next, as well as updating and adding improvements to the software to offer an integrated experience on the phone in the end.

The women come redesigned phone Mate X improvements to the new support mechanism for opening and closing the chain of the phone, on the other hand, Huawei presented a system camera which is previously introduced in the telephone P30 Pro in the new version of the phone Mate X.

Confirmed leaks that Huawei has focused in the new version of the phone to offer the best in screen, also made sure to avoid the emergence of any problems with the new design breaks the screen as is the case in the units preview of the Galaxy Fold, and is expected to come the Huawei Mate X with the level of pricing is higher than the version of Samsung, due to the support phone for communication networks 5G.


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