Huawei is preparing to launch its latest handsets the end of the March surge in new technology


It seems that Huawei, the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, will be held by a new technique in the series of its smart phones next that will launched the company late this month, specifically on the 27th of March in the French capital Paris.

The company is preparing to launch a phone P20, which is the new generation and most advanced phone P10 , which enjoyed considerable success last year. Featuring a series of phones P has many advantages to the users, the beginning of the phone P9, which is the first phone that supports Camera System Dual Lens designed by Leica, the first category phones break the barrier of ten million units the company shipped to various world markets, access to Series phones P10, with the second part of the Leica camera Double lenses.

How much will the Huawei P20 new many of the techniques are unique and important that are not the user can see it in any of the smart phones before, for example, will the phone the development of the artificial intelligence technology built-in all the features Huawei phones coming, which will be represented in the Processor more powerful and efficient compared to cell P10.

Will Huawei P20 perspective on the latest Camera System smartphone in collaboration with giant German Camera “Leica”, which works in conjunction with the technique of Artificial Intelligence, the history of Huawei in Photography via smartphone inveterate long as it applies from the commitment of the company towards stimulating innovation and providing the experience of pictorial exceptional users who are looking for devices to suit their lifestyle fast and, in addition to other features that require US smart phone users in the world.

It is worth mentioning that the previous generation of my phone Huawei P10 andP10 Plus has been extremely successful in the world since the time of launched, especially in the markets of the European, where he received the award TIPA ‘s prestigious best products used in the process of photography to 2017, which is offered under the auspices of the Association of the audio technical press that the testing and assessment of all hardware and high quality which are used in Photography such as cameras, photographic lenses, accessories, products more used in Photography.

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