Huawei is preparing to launch the interface EMUI 10 new on August 9!

Due to the complexity of Huawei’s annual conference for developers, in the period from 9 to 11 August, will witness this year’s conference a set of important events with the launch of the interface is Huawei’s new EMUI 10 .

هواوي تستعد لإطلاق واجهة EMUI 10 يوم 9 أغسطسHuawei is preparing to launch the interface EMUI 10 on August 9

Is expected that the conference will launch the operating system Hong-Ming alternative application, as reported before, however, the event certainly, there will be the launch of the interface is Huawei’s new EMUI 10 based on the operating system Android Q after all!

So far there are no details about the EMUI 10, except that the rumors are talking about changing the shape of icons and UI elements, the company intends to style a new line at the system level.

We also expect further improvements in the user experience, and increase the speed of response to applications, it is unlikely that the application of the camera next to the big improvements is the other, along with improved gaming performance while maintaining battery life.

Conference will be held Huawei developers from 9 to 11 November in China, will be attended by more than 500 developers from all over the world to address cutting-edge IT technology giant, the Chinese Huawei.

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