Huawei is preparing to roll out a series Nova 3 new in Egypt.. going out of town for?

Use a range of Huawei consumer Huawei ask series phones “Nova 3” Nova 3 new in the Egyptian market, which includes phone Nova 3i, the phone is specially designed for young people, and the most advanced in the advantages and possibilities of Nova 3. It is expected that the markets of smart phones in Egypt the launch of this series is expected in early next month.

He said Keith Lee, Vice President of Huawei in Egypt: “seeking Huawei always ask the smart phones the pattern of users ‘ lives and interests, so we are eager to provide smart phones, especially the latest technology that the world in this field, but also to meet the needs and requirements of the users in doing their daily tasks with ease.”

I added, “that category of phones available enjoys users is enormous, because now the purchasing power of the user’s smart phone addressed to the category of phones available, and this is what worked for Huawei in its submission during the past years, for example the Huawei Mate 10 Lite, which achieved record sales in a very short time period since its launch last year, the phone Huawei P20 Lite, who received the praise and admiration of users and reviewers of the technical alike, because it is the first economical phone comes equipped with الـNotch, and finally series phones Nova 3, Which embody the breakthrough in the category of phones is expected due to the advantages that it enjoys, which surpasses the aspirations of the users, by providing the experience of filming the Silva unique, which is going to launch in the Egyptian market in the beginning of next month.”

During the past year, successfully Huawei has led the global effort to develop a class of smart phones Supported of artificial intelligence AI based on its research and Development at the sector level, as the company was keen to embody these innovations in all product categories that it offers.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei put the requirements and needs of its users in the first place, as it works to provide phones miss their aspirations constantly, as part of the company’s keenness on the continuous development and pursue innovation at the heart of its work.

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