Huawei is preparing to roll out a smartphone with an area of “half a terabyte”


To unlock Huawei series P20 over the next week, according to the information received from China, the company is also preparing to launch the first smartphone with a storage capacity of 512 GB, any “half a terabyte”, but it is not clear whether this version is one of the phones P20, or is it a different device altogether.

هاتف هواوى
Huawei phone

According to the published location of GSM India, has been the inclusion of the smart phone carries the version number of the NEO-AL00 on the website of the communications authority of Chinese TENAA, which revealed that it will access memory random 6 GB and internal memory of 512 GB.

Despite the fact that Huawei have a lot of data storage solutions, they still lack sources of production found storage for mobile phones, as they do not have the technology internally to create strips of memory with a capacity of 512 GB, which means that the phone NEO-AL00 will have either a memory subsidiary of Samsung, or Huawei has developed the cache but it didn’t reveal yet released to the public.

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