Huawei is preparing to roll out the operating system of her new Hongmeng OS in October!

Work Huawei on the development of own operating system for several years, and did not intend to rely on in the near term, but the ban imposed by the United States to make things go faster than expected the Chinese company.

نظام تشغيل هواوي الجديد Hongmeng OS

Operating system Huawei New Hongmeng OS

The news suggests that the name of the operating system of Huawei new is Hongmeng OS, the previous leaks have pointed to the possibility of its launch in August or September, but according to the latest reports will be the launch of the new operating system in October next.

System Hong of Jean OS will primarily phones available, because it is not yet ready to support flagship phones, it is expected that the Huawei launched outside of China in its various markets in Europe and the Arab world, will run the company to create the system to fit flagship phones as soon as possible.

Finally, the position of the current Huawei one of the worst times for the Chinese company leading, where sales fell globally by 50% in the past few weeks, and a lot of shops to postpone the launch of Huawei phones New until to ensure its future after the expiry of the lifting of the ban the current interim.

With the exception of South-East Asia, dragging most of the allies of the United States of their dealings with Huawei, and countries such as Australia, Germany, New Zealand and other countries company Huawei from participating in the selection of 5G network, and welcomed the states of South-East Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and the police.

Difficult to predict where things will go in the future, but a big giant like Huawei will be difficult for you to surrender in the war imposed by the conflict of political and Economic between China and America.

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