Huawei is providing its digital during the events of the Mate 30 day

The starting Conference of the Chinese giant today a set of new ads that come from ad Huawei about her hypothetical, which comes as an alternative to Assistant Google.

Comes assistant Huawei new digital supports users in the rapid access to the content of smart phones, and news and also a lot of possible applications by voice commands.

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Comes assistant Huawei virtual report featured in the artificial intelligence allows users to search for files and data that have been saved within the system quickly, where can support quick access to applications, email, calendar, notes, etc. from the tasks.

Also can Assistant Huawei digital that supports the feature to quick search for content on the internet through the default browser chosen by the user.

It also comes digital assistant with Instant Access, which allows quick access to the number of 4 applications through shortcuts on the Home screen, as confirmed by Huawei to update the water soon to predict the applications of the user’s favorite.

On the other hand, allows Assistant Huawei user to access weather information in real time, it also allows the organization to schedule the user, and collecting notifications and management, it is planned that future refinements to the plugin to support the user in a reservation in the restaurants or hotels or flights.


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