Huawei is selling its business because of U.S. sanctions

The sanctions that the US imposed on Huawei, announcing the company a threat to national security, forced her to gradually begin to sell your business. Fortunately for fans of smartphones Huawei, we are not talking about the mobile division of the company, and telecommunications. As the Financial Times, Huawei has decided to get rid of its stake in the venture, Huawei Marine Systems, the main activity of which was laying fiber optic cables on the seabed.

Huawei Marine Systems, the owner of the controlling stock of which is Huawei, is among those few enterprises which are engaged in construction of fiber optic routes between the continents. Now, however, all share Huawei will go to Hengtong Optic-Electric Co Ltd. The sides signed an agreement on the transfer of a controlling stake, however, the total amount of the transaction were not disclosed. But interesting in this situation is not the money, and the fate of Huawei.

What awaits Huawei

Obviously, selling off their assets, whose activity is directly connected with the United States (cables are American companies, who are forbidden to interact with Huawei), the company is preparing for a full cessation of relations with the United States. This is likely to mean that Huawei will be deprived of access to Android, Google services and other technologies after the 90-day grace period that the company returned its licence.

From all this we can conclude that Huawei will almost certainly expect a big change, especially in mobile business. In order to keep it afloat, the company is likely to focus on the development and distribution of its operating system. This is indirectly indicated plans Huawei in the next few months to launch the flagship smartphone based on OS Ark, which will mark a new stage in its development.

The first smartphone Huawei Ark OS

Huawei readiness for the upcoming changes confirms the company’s commitment to mark the release of Ark OS release it’s flagship smartphone. It will be the Huawei Mate 30/30 Pro. The device will get the latest processor Kirin 985, up to 12 GB of RAM in the top configuration, however, will initially be available only in China. The international version will likely be released closer to the beginning of next year, when Huawei will be ready adapted version of Ark OS.

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