Huawei is working on a new design alternative to net (notes) !

Design has become a notation of “extrusion” or the screen broken whatever his name is is a design prevalent in phones this year, so as not adopted by Apple in the iPhone X last year. But a lot of fans of smart phones Buy of this design and prefer it, so Huawei has started work on a new design alternative for the sheet.

According to Korean media, Huawei is working on the design of the new smartphone some strange thing, where the Chinese police to give up entirely on the idea of the notes and switched it with a girl a camera at the top of the phone screen the same as the picture shows.

What do you think of this design?

This design will surely increase the ratio of screen to phone, but it will face a big problem when you run apps and use the phone, and how you will use the excess space in the screen with the a hole needs the camera!

It explains the design published by ETNews contain the phone on the edge of the screen top, so thin that contains the earpiece and light sensor.

The report predicts that this will be the design of a new type of advertising and marketing for Huawei, however, the source mentions that there is a phone coming with this design, LCD driving 6.39 inch of possible launch in the last quarter of this year.

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