Huawei is working on phones and low-cost with Kirin 710

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Huawei announced about phone Nova 3i this week, a version of less in the possibilities of the version of Nova 3. However, the new phone is as a milestone for the company, where it is run by the Chipset Kirin 710 new.

Designed Chipset Kirin 710, which is targeting low-cost hardware, to be the biggest step for the segments of the Huawei mid-range since I made the slices Kirin 710 in the P9 Lite in 2016.

It was all a slice of Kirin 65X have made the same setting of the eight nuclear Processing Unit Cortex-A53, and the same combination the graphics processing unit Mali T830-MP2, in addition to the operations of 16 Nm. Apart from the storage and the data memory random response speed, the device P9 Lite is the same power P20 Lite.

And now, back improvements seriously on the Chipset Kirin 710 MID-range, it contains four Cores of Cortex-A53 and four cores to another of the Cortex-A73.

Not detected the new graphics card coming with the Nova 3i, but the point for coming from XDA it will be better than console graphics Kirin 659.

Among these major changes, was the conversion to the manufacturing process of 12 Nm, which is slightly smaller than the 16-nanometer process in each of the Kirin 655 658 و659. Usually lead manufacturing operations with the smallest to the better performance and the ability of long endurance.

As indicated earlier rumors that the Kirin 710 will Processing Unit neurological (NPU) similar to a lot like those SIM Kirin 970, but does not seem that this is the case in the final product, despite the fact that Nova 3i already supports many of the functions of artificial intelligence, such as recognition feature on the previous animated emoji inspired from Apple.

Remains the big question is how Huawei plans to use the new slide, you would replace the Processor Kirin 659 or is it a new family? In the first case, we can expect the development of energy on the organs of the Huawei mid-range starting from range Lite so phones Honor the mid-range.

If the company is planning to use Kirin 710 on the devices category is available, they will continue to be a boon for phones Huawei smart phones leading gas.

All you need to know about phone Nova 3i

The phone’s Nova 3i a number of features of the phone Nova 3, such as dual camera front with a resolution of 24 Mega Pixel + 2 Mega Pixel, screen size is 6.3 inches and a resolution of HD+, this is in addition to animated emoji, the storage capacity up to 128 GB.

It also has Nova 3i on a bracket Kirin 710 and 4 GB of RAM, plus a camera background accurately 16 Mega Pixel + 2 Mega Pixel, battery with a capacity of 3, 340 mAh and microUSB port.

According to the list on the website of Huawei, the phone Nova 3i will come at the price of 298 dollars, while the price of Nova 3 446$.


This topic Huawei is working on phones and low-cost with Kirin 710 appeared on Engadget.

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