Huawei is working on the development of charging technology super speed!

Became the techniques of fast battery charging of the primary advantages of the smart phones for the purposes of improving the usage experience and marketing, the technology is now OBO your company fast named Super VOOC is the fastest in the world until now.

هواوي تعمل على تطوير تقنية شحن فائقة السرعة!

Huawei is working on the development of charging technology super speed!

Technology Super VOOC in oppo recently announced Oppo Find X where it is. the battery capacity of 3400 Milli-amp within only 35 minutes, however, Huawei is working on fast-charging technology to other, maybe exceed it!

According to the leaked reports recently, the technology Huawei expected for fast charging will depend on the charger 40-watt (10 volt/4 amp) and is almost twice the chargers Huawei current network strongly 22 watt, and this may mean that the battery is fully charged it may take less than half an hour!

It is not known when he might learn Huawei about this new technology, but it seems that this will be in the near future with the announcement of the series Mate 20 in October next as reports indicate.

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