Huawei is working on the development of Service maps suitable for Google Maps!

Days ago revealed Huawei’s operating system can be considered as an alternative for the Android system is called HarmonyOS now reveal to us the leaks about the plans of the Beyond the to Huawei in the field of services, with the latter working on the development of Service maps suitable for Google Maps months World.

هواوي تعمل على تطوير خدمة خرائط منافسة لخرائط جوجل!

Huawei is working on the development of Service maps suitable for Google Maps!

Huawei is a leading company in the electronics industry but don’t have the same wind at the level of the software, maybe because it relies heavily on a system of Android is open source and Google expected it. The recent crisis with the management of the Trump companies and American technology is changing and Huawei to go to develop the systems and services of its own.

Although the crisis was resolved shortly after but the ghost of its recurrence in the future Pat controlled the Chinese company giant to develop special services and reduce the reliance on Google and its services gradually.

Service Google Maps Google Maps is the most famous and efficient in the world, but Huawei have network wide connections spread in 160 countries around the world provide mapping service characteristic via the “navigation system is a very complex” according to the report of the site of the China Daily.

Huawei will initially give developers the possibility to integrate map service anticipated in the applications and services of their own instead of Google Maps. The report states that Huawei already teamed up with Russian search engine Yandex and accommodation booking and flight provide services maps and navigation. Maybe later in the near future offer Huawei Service maps and navigation for the average user too!

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