Huawei jump to the center 25 in the list of top valuable brands in the world

Can Huawei Huawei once again to continue progress on the list of Brand Finance, the British consulting world, and competent to assess the assets and brands around the world, to the police report from the center 40 to the center 25, and the institution assess the company by 38.046 million dollars an average increase of more than 50% compared to last year, through its high-end and of its global marketing of innovative.

Tried Huawei on offer on the menu over the past years, through strengthening its position continuously, so the police came in the centre 47 by 2016, including a jump to the centre 40, through 2017 access to the station 25 through 2018, which is proof of the success of the company’s continued expansion in various global markets in addition to the reinforcement of its brand .

Not only is the remarkable evolution of Huawei on تقريرBrand Finance, it has emerged the company is also in the list of BrandZ Top 100 brands, as there are also in the list of the best 100 brands of لـInterbrand, and through all of this was proof of the strength and efforts in highlighting the importance of the Brand of Huawei.

It was the year 2017 is filled with breakthrough technologies of Huawei, as the company has introduced a series of phones Mate 10, which had the popular. due to the content of the characteristics. In the area of research and development has contracted Huawei with several global brands to improve the user experience, including a giant of photography of the German Leica and Porsche Design flagship company “Google” Google the giant.

Used Huawei through its successful towards launch of innovative products designed to meet the requirements of their consumers around the world, as the company continues to bring more surprises to customers around the world, as can Huawei to announce new technology during this year’s edition of the International Exhibition for mobile phones MWC.

And foundation Brand Finance report of the global brands each year to issue its report, which includes the top 500 valuable brands in the world, where is one of the most important agencies in the assessment of global brand and the most credibility, and strict selection criteria is not the only indicator of brand strength (BSI), but the institution is interested also assess brand loyalty and invested in the market.

The annual report is لـBrand Finance of the most important tools to provide companies around the world, because it reflects how strong the brand is also working on its assessment in terms of availability around the world and the extent of their spread.

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