Huawei launches a new version of “P30 Lite” with the services of Google to circumvent the U.S. ban

The company launched the Huawei Huawei a new version of her smart phone “Huawei by Lite” Huawei P30 Lite, under the name of “Huawei by Lite the new edition” Huawei P30 Lite New Edition, which is an improved version of the phone by the “I-Lite” P30 Lite, which was launched 10 months ago almost.

It contains the new version of the phone, by Lite the new edition P30 Lite New Edition, on Google services, which is an update to the phone was launched before the American-imposed embargo on Huawei on the use of the techniques of America, in the step taken by Huawei to circumvent the ban.

Rejected Huawei from the memory capacity of the random (Ram) in the new version, now is 6 GB instead of 4 GB, as the lifting of internal storage, making 256 GB instead of 128 GB, except that there are two matching.

The specialist says that Huawei is in a position to use these tricks in the re-issued improved versions of phones 2019 issued by the U.S. ban, without the need for licensing the new services of Google, has introduced the Huawei phone its new “I Lite new edition” on its website in the United Kingdom.

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