Huawei launches its own music in the Middle East

The group launched the Huawei consumer business Huawei recently service its own music in five markets in the Middle East and North Africa, which include Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan; that is to expand the service gradually to the rest of the states in the region.

And this service serves as a music store official pre-installed in all Huawei phones operating system OS with one user repeated EMUI 5 EMUI 5.1 and 8.0 EMUI 8.1 EMUI and without ad breaks.

In a move that is the first of its kind, the company added the latest song of the Star the Arabic of the famous Alyssa “time” exclusively to her music library. in Huawei phones for a week as of July 18 until the release of the full album officially.

On this occasion, said Justin Chen, Managing Director of the Department of consumer services cloud at Huawei Middle East and North Africa: “we are delighted to launch the Huawei music to our users in the Middle East and North Africa in the framework of our quest to provide the latest and the best music experience to customers in this region. The service allows new users to easily enjoy high quality music directly through their smart phones”.

Recorded ELISA in addition to this song. exclusive 15 new song scheduled to be launched over the service on July 26, including a copy of the voice from the song “missed me” by the artist the late Algerian rose, composer and the genius of baligh Hamdi. Collaborated asterisk in this album with a constellation of elite poets and composers, including the Prince of tayma and Rami Gamal Nasser Abdullah and Walid Saad.

In its effort to keep abreast of the latest trends and musical tastes prevailing in the region, cooperate service Huawei musical with the company “Rotana”, the leading provider of content Arabic music in the region, to assess the creations of months of success on the art scene in the Middle East and North Africa, such as Mohammed abdo, majed mohandes, elissa and tune wael kfoury hatem Iraqi and others.

In addition to its collaboration with “Rotana,” and concluded Huawei’s partnership with leading content providers both local and international such as ’channels‘ and ’mazzika‘ to provide the most important regional and international business for the music lovers in the region; where they’ll be able to listen to a wide range of songs and the unique voices of international stars over the coming months.

It is possible that users will receive Huawei phones with one of the user’s EMUI 5.0 and above, the upgrade notice or pop-up notification during the month of July. You can also experience this exclusive service by downloading the app via this link to enjoy into their music favorite.

According to a press release, the application is considered music Huawei is providing many activities and promotions soon to the listeners such as contests and exciting prizes rewarding, to stay abreast of the latest songs and activities, you can follow the official account to comment on the site ’Facebook‘.

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