Huawei lose SoftBank as a major network 5G

Decided to Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank SoftBank Corp to buy equipment fifth generation 5G, including the core, of my company, Ericsson, Ericsson AB, andNokia is Nokia Oyj, in a new blow to buy Huawei of China, where the press of the United States for the allies to keep the Chinese company out of the fifth-generation networks the wireless.

The vendors of the Swedish and Finnish separately that it has been selected to serve the fifth generation of the giant Japanese telecom SoftBank SoftBank Corp, which hopes to provide its services business next spring.

The Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank about 22 million mobile phone subscribers, 5.9 million subscribers to the internet via fiber optic network.

And to follow up its decision closely, because they use base stations of all three companies in the current network, with Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei the top three global players in this field.

Refused to Japanese telecommunications company to comment on the decision, but the chief executive of the technology, one of my means Junichi Miyakawa, said in April: the company will be able to comply with the wishes of the government, hinting at the removal of equipment Huawei.

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The Ministry of internal affairs and communications of Japan has allocated earlier this year, bandwidth the service of 5G telecommunications firms to four, and every company to install the basic network of the fifth generation this year.

The company said SoftBank: the Nokia is a strategic partner to launch the network of the fifth generation, although Ericsson is a supplier to find out network wireless access, with the exception of Huawei, which was material to know 4G the Japanese company’s, despite their participation in the experiments 5G of the former.

Targeted administration of US President Donald Trump Huawei a few months ago, where he encouraged the allies to ban the equipment from their networks, then put it in the list of entities, which prevent them from buying the programs and libraries of America.

Banned Australia, New Zealand, use of company equipment to China, while Japan said: it will help the equipment of security risks, without taking a formal decision on Huawei, according to reports, the three largest telecom Japan – NTT Docomo and KDDI Corp, and SoftBank – will ignore the Huawei.

It also abolished the telecommunications companies of Japan plans to sell Huawei phones for the spread of the US ban, and a few telecom companies not to choose Huawei for new businesses, where the company chose TDC Group, the largest manufacturer of phones in Denmark, company Ericsson to create a 5G network, rather than Huawei.

Announced group BT Group in the UK plans to remove equipment Huawei from its network core, and yet permit the head of a foreign intelligence agency, British MI6 that the United Kingdom has warned of the dangers of using Chinese equipment, they also prohibit the Taiwan Chinese telecom equipment.


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