Huawei make phones P30 وP30 Pro quality display FullHD at the end of March

Confirmed the leaks published through the headquarters of Huawei in Poland, that the company is preparing to reveal its phones funded P30 وP30 Pro in a conference to be held on the 28th of March next.

P30 -P30 Pro

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Monitor phones P30 وP30 Pro in the new leaks of Poland, where the phones appear in the registry of the code. ELE-L29 and VOG-L29, also reveal that Huawei offer both phones to accurately display 1080 at 2340 pixels, it also applies to phones running Android 9 Pie.

Has confirmed the registration of the comic portfolio phone P30 Pro that Huawei provide this version settings the quad for the rear this year, so come camera design my head, also comes the LED flash to the right of the camera.

While apply phone P30 with the settings of the three for the rear, as characterized by the design of the head also belongs to the LED flash to the bottom of the cable car, while featuring all the phones design and extrusion of the upper waterdrop which includes the camera front, the same design that came out of phones Mate 20.

Also in accordance with the arrangements illustrated, it is expected that the phone comes my P30 وP30 Pro with sensor-fingerprint built-in OLED screen, also supports the two phones processor chip Kirin 980 which is designed to conform to the modem chip Balong 5000 5G.

Recall that Huawei announced earlier its plans to reveal the foldable phone supports communication networks of the fifth generation soon, where he is expected to reveal the first model of the phone during the conference the MWC 2019, which applies close to Barcelona.


I know of

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