Huawei match the version of America more than a million dollars fee patents

Demanded that the Chinese company Huawei telecommunications company American giant version more than a million dollars as a fee to license hundreds of patents owned by Huawei.

The head of the sector of intellectual property at Huawei, it depends on the version reach solution to the issue of a patent license, and the talk here about the more than 230 patents pertaining to network equipment and communication infrastructure and technologies of the Internet of things.

It seems that communications company of America Verizon use the patents Huawei through other companies rely on it to provide them with the necessary equipment for its work.

This has been several connections between the two companies and got several meetings to discuss terms and payment terms can be determine the fees a certain amount for each common version, or the ratio of sales of the company overall.

Obviously, a claim Huawei free licence fees of the patent comes within the protection of America against the company and banned it universally, more than the amount of the financial need of the company.

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