Huawei Mate 20 Pro may protects the “hole” the police

Huawei plans to launch a phone with a hole replaces the extra pieces to the network containing the front camera, so in the mobile phone LCD driving 6.39 inch knock markets during the fourth quarter of this year.

This comes according to ETNews, it seems that the hole would increase the proportion of the screen to the interface without the Add camera pop-up as we have seen in the oppo find X and the Knicks, and reverse the extra pieces, the camera itself is placed in the tablet screen and.

We can even though the schematic above to see how the camera hole, while the speakerphone sensors with the tip very small.

Don’t report reveals any phone to be added by Huawei to its new design, but it certainly wouldn’t be in the model of normal, so we can guess what he will be Mate 20 Pro is expected to launch October 2018.

It is worth mentioning that the idea of the hole remains the feature of the design is controversial, but in the end will be cut a hair smaller than it is in the Huawei phones P20.

Source: ETNews

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