Huawei Mate Pro 30, Google Watch and a bit about the headphones: week

This week the world showed a continuation of the famous smartphone line Mate from Huawei. Many were waiting for him in an entirely different way. Great contribution here war with Google, which continues for several months. However, the smartphone came out and was good. But not only this memorable past week. There was news that featured Google and Samsung did not give a reason to forget about yourself, and even headphones won mention. In General, today will be something to talk about.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The contents

Presentation Of The Huawei Mate 30 Pro

This week Huawei unveiled its new flagship Huawei Mate 30 which can be officially considered the first smartphone without Google services. Despite the fact that all this went on, many believed that the Chinese will be able to find common ground c the search giant and all by hook or by crook to defend the right of its users to access apps and Google services. But it didn’t happen. That’s just became the new less interesting and advanced? Try to understand.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Since most users hardware specs of smartphones are interesting only in so far as, we do not dwell on them in detail, and present only what can really affect the choice.


  • Mate 30 curved, 6.62 inch, Full HD+
  • Mate Pro 30: curved, 6.53 inch, Full HD+


  • Mate 30: CPU Kirin 990, 6/8 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM
  • Mate Pro 30: CPU Kirin 990, 8/12 GB RAM 128/256 / 512GB ROM


  • Mate 30: 4200 mAh, charging 27 W
  • Mate Pro 30: 4500 mAh, charging 40 W


  • Shirik: 40 MP
  • Ultrawide angle: 16 MP
  • Telephoto: 8 MP

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Now let’s talk about what all of us really wondering about the new items.

Color Huawei Mate 30

Externally, the Huawei Mate 30 was exactly so, as predicted leak like a brick of glass with sharp edges and a notch in the display, by analogy with the Mate 20 Pro. There Huawei, without further ADO, shoved and hardware of facial recognition. He, like Face ID, generates a three-dimensional model of the face, which it is impossible to deceive either a photograph, or even video, and it works in the dark. Convenient. However, this privilege will only be available in the older version. In the Junior recognition software left.

Looks like Huawei Mate 30

Back new more remarkable. Not to say that this top design ideas, but looks at least strange. Apparently, when placing the main camera smartphone, Huawei’s designers were inspired by the Nokia and Sony Ericsson a decade ago. At least, that they used the same “wells”, except for the fact that the Mate module 30 consists of three chambers and auxiliary ToF sensor, not just one as before.

Camera Huawei Mate 30

Cameraui are sure to be happy, because there are some portrait mode and night mode, and even slow-mo video in 7680 fps. Yes, it’s true, the camera Mate 30 writes slow motion video in 7680 frames per second. Why? God knows, but looks cool, although specific differences from 960 fps I could not see.

As for Google services, then the presentation nothing specific on this matter is not said, but it later emerged. Well, still, who will volunteer to sign in their own failure, because the lack of services the search giant is a failure, anyway. However, as reported by colleagues who visited the event, installing them is still possible. To install Google services, Huawei has developed a special mechanism, which downloads those services that are necessary for the operation of the smartphone. In the end it should be quite a working device from Google Play, YouTube and Google Maps. However, it is not clear how this case will be updated and how effectively the smartphones will work in the lack of access to Google for sending push notifications and the mechanism of energy saving Doze.

The Price Of Huawei Mate 30 Pro

However, asking for new items a lot. The price of the underlying Huawei Mate 30 with 6 GB of RAM starts at 799 euros, reaching 2095 euros for the version Porsche Edition with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.

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Whether to buy Huawei Mate 30 outside of China? Of course, it will, after all, the smartphone turned out just great. Powerful hardware, advanced camera, unusual design all play a the product in hand. However, we can confidently say that becoming a bestseller, it still is not destined — is too firmly stuck in our heads the idea that Huawei can just take on and off, not only from Google but also from updates to the operating system, and even to deprive her of access protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Well, who in their right mind would agree to buy a lottery ticket, where the probability of losing is significantly higher than to win?

How to unlock a smartphone using headphones

Today headphones have become almost “essential” accessory for the smartphone. Moreover, the choice of most headphone users are often suitable not less carefully than to the choice directly to the mobile phone. However, a group of researchers from the University of Buffalo thought, well, what other use could be a useful gadget. And the technology developed by them is really surprising. It allows you to unlock the smartphone.

Perhaps very soon unlock smartphone we will be using headphones

As reported on the website of the University, researchers have created a new biometric tool that easily integrates into wireless headphones and identificeret the geometry of the ear canal. The device was named EarEcho.

We drew attention to the fact that the University campus there are many students with headphones in their ears, says lead author Jinping the gene, candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Buffalo. It made us think about what we might find this gadget a new application, as it is widespread.

After Mr. gene came up with this idea, he and his team began working on a prototype system for the wireless headphones. The system itself EarEcho works is quite simple. Due to the anatomical structure, each of us has a unique geometry of the ear canal. This means that every person sound within the ear is extended in various ways, Bouncing off the walls of the ear canal. So if you send a signal, it is possible in response to his reflection, which, due to the unique geometry of the auditory canal of each person is also unique. This sound will act as a kind of biometric signature of the owner.

This is interesting: a Biometric sensor or a pin code. It's safer?

But the development of the prototype, scientists have not stopped. They gathered a group of 12 people who are wearing headphones and tested them in different conditions: on the street, in an empty room, in a noisy shopping Mall and so on. Taking into account also the position of the body of the subjects (standing, lying, sitting, throwing back his head). In the end it turned out that if EarEcho emitted and received signal response within one second, the probability of correct recognition was equal to 95%. And increase the time to three seconds and increased this rate to 97.5 percent. I would like such and such a price? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

The working principle of headphone

Thus (if not to take into account the fact that the control group was quite small) new technology at the moment is one of the most accurate methods of biometric identification. This means that in the future EarEcho can be used to unlock smartphones, thereby removing from there sensors for fingerprint scanning and face recognition. the Latter, incidentally, much more expensive sound sensors EarEcho. In doing so, the authors believe that EarEcho can be used not only when you unlock the smartphone, but also for safe payments.

Told Samsung how to use Galaxy Fold

You’ve probably already forgotten about the existence of a foldable Galaxy Fold, and in the meantime Samsung for almost two weeks actively trading them. Despite the fact that a device you can buy in a very limited number of countries, the company is very worried that the buyers are somehow wrong to use it. In the end, where is the guarantee that who are used to desktop users do not inadvertently spoil the gadget, which is to withdraw a second time it would be too shameful. So for those who still decided to buy Galaxy Fold, Samsung released a special instruction on proper use.

Updated Galaxy Fold — on sale now

Needless to say the users of the obvious forehead the Koreans decided not to. Still, with the people who have paid for, in fact, the experimental apparatus twice more than the iPhone, so it is impossible to handle. Therefore, it was decided to apply the advice veiled, hiding them for an explanation of the key features of the Galaxy Fold, which distinguishes it from all other smartphones on the market. But we all know how to read between the lines, isn’t it?

The first recommendation, which gives users the Samsung Galaxy Fold — do not press on the screen with force, and use a light touch. This is logical, because the smartphone display is not protected by glass, and pressure can at best provoke the appearance of spots, typical for such situations, and at worst break.

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The second rule that should be followed when using Galaxy Fold, to avoid water and dust. Smartphone has no protection on any of the IP standards, and therefore contact with moisture may cause damage to it hardware components and dust in the grooves of the folding mechanism — a violation of his work. Apparently, the plugs that the company’s engineers have installed on the phone, not a panacea.

Display Galaxy Fold

Third, what should be remembered, is a danger to the Galaxy Fold represent foreign objects. Samsung strongly recommends not to carry your smartphone with no Bank cards, because they can be demagnetized under the influence of magnets embedded in the body of a smartphone, nor with coins and keys that may scratch the smartphone and, as a consequence, what can go wrong, not to mention attractive appearance.

Galaxy Fold Fold

At the same time, the Koreans understand that in advance to prescribe all situations to avoid Galaxy Fold, impossible. Therefore, for such cases were devised program Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which allows smartphone owners to apply for free display replacement, repair of other components, and simply call the specialists to consult regarding certain features of his administration during the year after purchase. Apparently, not all of them so smoothly.

Google Watch was published under a different name

Product line Google Pixel, despite the fact that is relatively young, is quite wide. Under this brand, the search giant is releasing smartphones, laptops and tablets that is already pretty good, but many users believe that this list is simply obliged to grow a clock of its own production Google. Because the only way the company will be able to take a virtually empty niche of the market, and at the same time to show the competitors how to make wearable electronics that she wanted to use it. But somehow it never happened.

This is the Huawei Watch GT. Google Watch, of course, but at least something

This information has long been kept secret, but Google was developing its own smart watch and planned to release them to the market in 2016. However, when the gadget was ready, the head of consumer electronics Rick Osterloh decided to freeze the project because of its inconsistency with the standards of the company. Still, after hours was bad absolutely everything: from the title (Google Watch) to functionality.

According to rumors, the project smart hours worked LG. At that time, Google has released Google Pixel, which was run by itself, but to afford to produce wearable electronics could not yet. Whether the experience was lacking, or production capacity. In the result the watch turned out not quite what you imagined it to Google. They not only had a completely incongruous with smartphones Google Pixel design, but virtually not interacted with them, limited mainly by the notification of incoming messages and displaying their content.

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Development LG have liked Osterloh that he scolded them for what light is, and constantly saying that they will not sacrifice the reputation of Google releasing so obscene product on sale. Rumor has it that the watch even became the reason of rupture of relations with Google and LG, but if it really is, is not known. However, Koreans seem, this situation did not upset, and they took released the same Google Watch on sale under the name LG Watch Style.

To many it seems strange that Google since didn’t even try to fix something and release its own smart watch. In any case, it would be logical, because the company has a operating system for wearable devices, which does not have a hardware realization, which for Android is the Google Pixel, but Chrome OS Chromebook Pixel. However, you can be sure that just think this niche is futile, given that even its smartphones are sold, frankly, so-so. Well, who wants to start production for 10-15 thousand sold devices?

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