Huawei may change over Samsung in their own backyard

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هواوي قد تتغلب على سامسونج في عقر دارها

Became the company Samsung is synonymous with technology in South Korea, however, there are areas a controversial had overcome in the race to build the networks of the fifth generation of 5G Wireless in the country, which are important for depending on try its quest to strengthen its position as the provider address network in countries such as South Korea and Japan, where the company is going to Huawei, a Chinese company that has been criticized in the U.S. Congress considered a threat to US national security, the In its way to supply equipment to all mobile phone companies and three national in South Korea through the preliminary contracts may be worth up to $ 9 billion.

Are competing suppliers, with South Korea becoming the first country to launch 5G networks, from all over the world to sell the transformer and other basic equipment necessary to make such networks work, and while the famous for Samsung phones its smart chip and the memory, the exclusion of the presence of its equipment within the wireless network the most advanced in her homeland will be a major setback for the South Korean company.

Grown Chinese company Huawei to become the largest maker of gear in the field of networks, and to promote it through the transition to technology 5G, andinvest heavily in research to become one of the largest holders of patents, focusing on its ambitious goals earlier through the leadership of President Donald Trump to grant Broadcom Broadcom of buy Qualcomm Qualcomm versus $ 130 million in the largest deal in the history of technology.

She cited the United States-risk transaction that could help the Chinese company to take the lead in the development of next-generation networks, said Park Jin-Hyo, Park Jin-hyo, Deputy CEO of the South Korean Telecom SK Telecom Co: “it was a Huawei advanced and began development earlier than others, we look at it openly and without bias at all”.

Your hands Park Jin Hyo security concerns surrounding the company Huawei, but said that the largest provider for mobile services in South Korea looking at other factors, including technology costs, adding that the South Korean telecom company will not take into account the company Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen if you don’t comply with the security standards of the world.

The number of subscribers of telecommunications companies in the South Korean SK Telecom and KT Corp and LG Uplus Corp more than 56 million subscribers, a larger number of the country’s population of 51 million, making the cost as a critical factor in determining the needs of those companies for the equipment, with the company undertaking the three in South Korea to pay a total of 3.26 million USD to treaties fifth-generation networks.

Has expressed by LG Uplus for its desire to choose the company Huawei, while still company SK Telecom and KT have restricted the Chinese company in addition to Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, and is scheduled this week to meet the Minister of technology in the country with the heads of telecommunications companies in South Korea to see the outline of put up the fifth-generation networks, which will certainly lead to the company Huawei.

And the attractiveness of the fifth-generation networks to its ability to transfer data quickly enough to assist in the operation of self-driving cars or download films in seconds, and the rights of the Chinese company on Samsung’s big lead in the infrastructure market portable, although Samsung does not have a large share of the world market for equipment for wireless networks, however, she was always able to count on the support of her mother.

It seems that things are different with the case of Huawei, as the company continues to the South Korean climate could reduce offers price, while also striving to rely on its good reputation in customer service, says Kim Hyun Jung Kim Hyun-yong, an analyst at the company Ebest investment securities: “the attractiveness of Huawei’s competitive price, and owns the wind through the devices 5G which has developed so well that can be used immediately”.

And questions about the Huawei security spin in the current time, where the company was founded in 1987 by a Chinese military officer earlier, and says she now owned the client, but the United States accused of maintaining close ties with the government which allows it to trade, which led to its prohibition of the sale of devices and network equipment to the largest mobile companies of America, as he struggled the Chinese company to provide its smart phones officially via the mobile companies of America.

And feel free echoes of these allegations in South Korea, an ally of the United States, and costs approximately 30 thousand American troops, but they need to at the same time to support the Chinese to remove the nuclear weapons in North Korea, and appeared to seek on the website of the South Korean presidential on the internet in order to block Huawei from the country, and after that became the first market master extends your coverage of full networks 4G, and want to expand it to include 5G networks.

Success has helped Huawei win contracts for young people in entering the world of consumer devices to a large extent, where now became the third largest vendor of smartphones behind Samsung and Apple, although Samsung continues to enjoy the capabilities of the largest in relation to smartphones, however, this capacity share, where the share of Samsung’s market share during the past year, 21.9 percent while the share of Huawei’s 10.8 percent.

Hung said Where’s Ki Hong Een-kee, Professor of wireless communications at the University of Kyung hee Kyung Hee in Seoul: “the provision of network equipment the fifth generation in the country will be the first country in the world to run these networks don’t symbolically huge for the company, and has Huawei’s ability to compete globally through the enjoyment of their grip strong in the sector of the organs of the consumer,” he added : “imagine what could mean the loss of South Korean company in her mother while trying to raise their share in the global market”.

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