Huawei might reveal the phone Honor Note 10 the end of next month

Assured Huawei that it would disclose some of their new products during the IFA exhibition in 2018 to be held by the end of next month in the German capital Berlin, phone Honor Note 10 may be one of those products.

The Huawei invited the journalists to attend a special event will be held during the first day of the IFA exhibition in 2018, it seems clear from that call that the Chinese company is heading to reveal one of the phones Honor smart.

هواوي قد تكشف عن هاتف Honor Note 10 نهاية الشهر القادم

According to previous leaks , the Honor Note 10 has comes with a Super AMOLED display, a giant area of 6.9 inches with resolution of QHD, as it might be supported by a processor Kirin 970 to the side of the 6 Gb as memory access random 128 GB other memory internal storage in addition to the battery capacity of 6000 mA/H.

It is considered a smart phone associated with his big brother, for Honor 10 who achieved huge sales amounted to 3 million units after about two months of its launch, which helped the brand to grow dramatically this year.

Anyway, we’ll know everything about the phone Honor Note 10 case disclosed on 30 August next.

Do you expect the success of this phone? If you have experience with one of the phones Honor smart we participated in the comments.


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