Huawei mock Galaxy S10 and processor group P30 own

After minutes of driving Samsung detect phones Galaxy S10 and S10+ officially yesterday during the conference, Huawei’s making fun of Samsung by welcoming him to “the world of camera-three”.

Although the versatility of photography isn’t always about the number of cameras found on the device, however, Huawei is the first to bring the camera setup triple back with a phone P20 Pro, and then launched the phone Mate 20 Pro, which has set up a camera three amazing also. Now, I got a Samsung camera triple to my phone Galaxy S10 and S10+.

It is interesting that Huawei did not mention anything about the camera setup of the next quadrennial with the group of P30, although the company’s CEO has hinted that through the picture published on the website Weibo.

In both cases, the Huawei has released a teaser for the group P30 on Twitter, and remember us with the official announcement for the P30 at an event March 26.


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