Huawei mocks Samsung and Apple in the declaration for P20

The third largest smart phone manufacturer in the world, Huawei, began its promotional campaign for P20 outside of China which will be 9 countries around the world, has reached such a fever already to the cities of Britain.

In one of the cities of Britain, specifically in front of the stores Apple and Samsung, Huawei brought a truck with an ad that says “wait” (WAIT) and”be patient” (BE PATIENT) and have a literal AI in Red, a reference to the artificial intelligence of the air their of the new.

And on the sidewalk side in front of the stores, graffiti says “revival is coming” (A Renaissace is coming) a reference to the capacity of photography found in the P20.

Recall that previously hinted the advertising headline of Huawei, and before the registration of that monitoring We to P20 Pro will come set up a camera background of the three offer a unique experience in Photography.

All in all, we have about three days, until the day of 27 March, to be Huawei for P20 Pro flagship, and then secret to avoid the police.

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