Huawei next May comes camera, selfie Rotary

Training company Huawei of China to convert front camera pop up used in version 2019 of phone for Huawei P Smart Z to the camera its in the future, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy A80 and Asus ZenFone 6.

The company to recycle an old design may be more important now than it was in the year 2015, where the Huawei made on 11 June 2019 two patents in the field of Design Office of the European Union Intellectual Property EUIPO.

Included software the invention is now in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO were agreed at the end of the month of September, so that containing of invention is based on the image memnet a computerized phone the two mobile from all sides.

Made giant Chinese telecommunications in the month of May 2019 phone Huawei P Smart Z, which phone Low Cost Features Specifications good, in addition to being the first smartphone from Huawei includes a camera selfie pop up motorized.

Besides providing the front camera pop-up function of artificial intelligence, they helped the company to provide a large screen display without a bump or a hole for the camera.

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According to the patent, has chosen Huawei camera Rotary one for the model of phone first, so that the rear camera is capable of slewing 180 degrees to face the front, so as to function as a camera front for selfies.

Comes form the second phone with dimensions quite similar to the dimensions of the first model, as it has a camera swivel, but with a double, and there are two cameras next to each other, allowing both of them to spin forward.

And brings the makers of the phones are different ways to increase the area of the screen to the maximum, but one of the obstacles to this goal is the front camera, which has become indispensable in the era of selfies.

Tried some manufacturers hide the camera selfie inside the body of the phone, so that they appear when you need them, while others resorted to putting them under the screen.

It seems that the latest patents from Huawei is another attempt to achieve the same goal, but the design is old, as released Honor Honor, the sub-brand Huawei phone Honor 7i in 2015 camera wallpaper adheres towards the front.

Company also introduced the Oppo for Oppo, and before that two years, what it called the first camera Rotary in the world via phone for OPPO N1.

And the company has launched the Asus in a recent phone ZenFone 6 camera double swivel forward like the design of Huawei’s current within the patent issued to Samsung Galaxy A80 this year, which is equipped with a slide from the rear and between the front and rear.

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