Huawei offers a TV, Honor the Vision in the European markets running Harmony OS

Use Huawei to launch TV Honor Vision smartphone to European markets soon running the company Harmony OS, to assess the experience of users closer for smartphones with a premium design.

Explained company Huawei earlier that the system run by New Harmony OS will be available in the current time of smart TV along with some smart devices also, so the police won’t be the operating system of its new smart phones in current time.

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Start of Huawei in the coming period to expand the system run by New Harmony OS out of the Chinese market, offering a TV, Honor the Vision in the European market.

I have provided Huawei Honor Vision Issue Major and last Pro, where this differs from the Pro version in the camera pop-up additional support users in group video calls, it also has a Pro version number 6 from the loudspeaker to the capacity of 10W, while the main version number 4 of the speakers voice.

Also vary the capacity of the Treasury in both versions, where comes the main version with a storage capacity of 16 GB, while the Pro version with a storage capacity of 32 GB.

It features both versions a Quantum Dot 4K, is scheduled to provide the Huawei Honor Vision for the European model of the characteristic size of 65 inches, and the characteristic size of 75 inches, to provide the later models the size of a 55 inch and the size of 85-inch.

It also features a TV, Honor the Vision processor chip Honghu 818 eight nuclei, with new techniques in image processing from among Motion Estimate and motion Compensation, with a higher dynamic range, the accuracy of the display quality and supports noise reduction, coupled with the higher contrast in colors, the management of an automatic in the color tones, the blackout higher concentration.

Supports chip HiSilicon Hi1103 frequency range dual 2.4 GHz, or 5Hz at a speed 160MHz, the download speed up to 1.7 giga bytes per second.

Also comes version Honor the Vision Pro with a camera that supports the technique of artificial intelligence to track the user’s face in video calls, the device also comes with the plugin Huawei digital HiLink, which supports the management of a smart home.


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