Huawei officially announces a bracelet Band 4 Pro smartphone with water resistance at 50 meters

Huawei announced at a conference in China on the bracelet Band 4 Pro smartphone, which comes with a water resistance at a depth of 50 meters, with NFC price of $ 56.

Come bracelet Band 4 Pro Smart after the issuance of the company’s previous Band 3 Pro, which features the new version Band 4 Pro screen AMOLED screen with a curved glass 2.5 D features Multi-Touch, also comes the main button built-in screen.

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Also featuring a bracelet Band 4 Pro monitor continuous heart rate, with the support of water resistance at a depth of 50 meters, the user starting the swim, also comes the smart bracelet with GPS technology to facilitate the movement of the user during sporting activities in real time, and without the need to call on the phone in the beginning.

Also apply the bracelet smart with technical support NFC payment, and a bracelet Band 4 Pro sensor SpO2 which supports the estimation of oxygen levels in the blood, also comes the smart bracelet with the support of tracking and follow-up of 11 sports activity, and also includes the bracelet algorithm TruSeen 3.5 with artificial intelligence support monitoring and analysis of heart rate.

Also include bracelet smart technology TruSleep 2.0 to follow the user during sleep, with reminders ready, also supports the bracelet Band 4 Pro Smart music playback.

Specifications bracelet Band 4 Pro

  • AMOLED screen color size 0.95 inch, with Touch, HD display 240 x 120 pixels.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 LE, support for Android 4.4 or higher versions, and also supports the iOS system 9.0 or higher versions
  • Featuring a Pedometer, and tracking the status of the user during sleep, and track user activities and sports, with a reminder in the case of stability for a long time.
  • Sensor a 6-axis include grow, accelerated, turnover
  • Sensor to monitor the level of heart beat and analysis
  • Notifications for messages and calls received
  • Water resistance at a depth of 50 meters
  • Technical support GPS, NFC
  • Supports 11 sporting activity includes jogging, cycling, car, swimming, rowing, and other activities.
  • Control music playback
  • Measurements of the bracelet 45 in 19 in 11 mm, with a weight of 25 grams.
  • Battery capacity 100 mAh support age shipping up to 5 days.

The bracelet Band 4 Pro Smart colors red, black, besides the color pink, that apply in the Chinese market starting from the 12 of December at a price of $ 56.


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