Huawei officially reveal the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro

Revealed Huawei officially unveiled the series Mate 30 leading in a special conference held in the German city of Munich.

There are no surprises about the design that was revealed in the leaks, with the notation the usual features cameras sensor Additional, we find it present in the Pro version from the normal version.

And there is a noticeable difference between the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro in size, the bulging of the regular come with a flat-screen LED 6.62 inches, and the Pro come with curved screen 6.53 inch. But to lay the panel in camera technology and internal components.

And there will come a phones Mate 30 Android 10 installed already with the interface EMUI 10, but without the service Google Play, and the rest of the apps

The specification of the dead 30 pro

Comes with the Huawei flagship Mate 30 Pro equipment camera the most sophisticated phones, and 2019; and next to the main camera 40 megapixel with sensor Power Super Sensing, there is a second camera wide very accurately 40 MP, both of which benefit from a second camera which is the time of flight ToF in knowing the depth of each point in the scene with high accuracy and then implement the feature of Porter (background blur).

How can the camera key, camera, wide camera fourth, a telephoto lens, to feature zoom without lack of image quality or video; optical zoom up to 3 times, the optical hybrid (depends on software) after 3 times up to 5 times, what increased about that Buddy decrease the quality.

Supports shooting video in 4K at 60 fps, and features traditional, such as: speed up time (Time-Lapse) which supports technology +HDR the colors are brighter, budget slow motion (Slow-Motion) can be up to filming 7680 FPS at a resolution of 720p. But dazzling is that the sense of political light (ISO) up to 409600, a number that was known in professional cameras.

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The front camera is strictly 32-megapixel sensor provides beside her sensor 3D, is not able to recognize the face of the three dimensions, but also able to recognize hand gestures, thus the implementation of some tasks by simply waving in front of the phone without the need to touch.

Depends Mate 30 Pro processor Kiri 990-core 7 nm with the processor and graphical power Mali-G76 MP16, and developed the technique of GPU Turpo custom cool phone when you run the games intense graphics.

Comes Mate 30 Pro screen Olid 6.35 inch accurately 1176×2400 curved on the parties to 88 degrees; and because the screen is curved on the kids significantly, it took Huawei about the volume buttons, for buttons virtual touch screen, for audio and image capture. It also supports screen dynamic display high HDR10. The phone supports resistance to water and dust to standard IP68 the top.

Finally, it will be available Mate 30 Pro with a capacity of RAM 8 GB comes with storage options of 128 and 265 GB, supports external memory port increasing the capacity of any of them by the amount of 256 GB. That available color: black, silver, purple, orange, and two green, to up the price of the most expensive version, the model 256 GB, to 1100 euros get 4G, and 1,200 euros to the proportion of 5G. Often the prices are the cheapest in the Arab region.

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The specification of the dead 30 regular

As we mentioned, there are no differences in terms of size, the Olid 6.62 inches, the largest is non-notable, especially as they are flat and not curved, and also supports dynamic display of high HDR10. But it is limited to support for resistance to water spray only, standard IP53.

Choose the camera technology significantly from the Pro version, the free is still 40 megapixel, but the second clear 16-megapixel, and the second camera with key just to its optical zoom up to 3 times, then 5 times zoom hybrid. Hole fourth, there is the laser focus to track the moving elements during the export. The front camera very 24 megapixels, and next to its sensor 3D but it’s different from the sensor Mate 30 Pro the most innovative.

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For libraries, the same processor Kirin 990, and the same RAM capacity of 8 GB, but with a storage capacity of 128 GB, but can be increased also by the amount of 256 GB through external memory, that the phone is available at a price of 800 euros. Often the prices are the cheapest in the Arab region.

Features common

Improved Huawei support wireless charging technology rapid until it became the supports 27 watts, and the wired charging to the fast kept at 40 watts, this increase with a high capacity battery Mate 30 Pro to 4500 mAh, the amplitude of Mate 30 to 4200 mAh.

In terms of connection speed, and assured Huawei that Mate 30 Pro enjoy total 21 antenna, of which 14 are dedicated to the networks of the fifth generation, this allows the support 8 different ranges, while rivals such as +Note 10 supports not only 3 just. However, the age of the battery increases Huawei phones, the Mate 30 وMate 30 Pro, when using the fifth-generation networks for phone Samsung rates ranging from 20 to 30%.

And if you notice the disappearance of the reader footprint traditional of both phones, this is because they support a fingerprint reader built-in to the network.

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