Huawei officially reveals the first station 5G designed for cars in the world

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The company announced Huawei today that it has launched the first device to support communication 5G in the world of cars. The company has ambitions to become the main supplier of the solutions of 5G and create products using 5G technology latest. To this end, announced the company Huawei announced the launch of a platform for Huawei MH5000 own.

I have a Huawei certainly has a vested interest in becoming the main supplier of solutions for 5G. Happens to be currently is the largest factory to see the telecommunications in the world. This is despite the fact that they continue to check a rising of the American government which also called for its allies to ban communication equipment, a subsidiary of Huawei from its network. Deny Huawei always allegations that its equipment could be used to spy for the Chinese government.

Company Huawei to platform Huawei MH500 own depends on the season for Huawei Balong 5000 5G revealed by the company in the month of January last. Based on this season, the Huawei developed the world’s first station 5G high quality speed cars in the world. The company said Huawei introduced the station for Huawei MH5000 at the Shanghai Auto Show being held in Shanghai city of China.


On this occasion, said Huawei said : ” as a product of contact task control of intelligent transportation in the future, the unit 5G this will include the automotive sector the move towards the era of the fifth generation “. Will assist unit 5G of this company Huawei on the commercialization of 5G technology in the automotive sector by the second half of this year.

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