Huawei: our phone folding may replace the computer

Several weeks ago, we learned that Huawei entered in the race with Samsung for the launch of the first foldable phone in the world, where the thrill of the case F for several years, so Samsung has announced recently that it will be about some of the techniques used in the phone within a few months, but it seems that Huawei doesn’t want silence in front of it.

Huawei has started recently to obtain significant market share in the smartphone market, is threatened by Samsung that threatening email to replace them in the order of more companies manufactured phones in the world, and they seem to want to do the same thing with flip phones, where the director of Huawei executive, Richard Yu, during a recent interview with the news website of German Die Welt suspense for the company’s folding rule, saying that the only thing that still prevents us from getting rid of the computer is the screen small phones, but it is possible to make this folding screen.

Huawei Foldable Phone

He added on saying that the company is working on the phone already, so you won’t wait another year to see him, and although he did not disclose details of the phone, but he stressed the company’s determination to provide new techniques to support all of the networks of the fifth generation, artificial intelligence through its phones next.

Will artificial intelligence in Huawei phones next to making augmented reality and interpretation, in addition to improving the performance of the camera images as is currently happening, which would be thanks to the processor Kirin 980 new force.

As for the fifth-generation networks, he said on the day that we’ll see significant evolution in the smart phones, where users will get the greatest pleasure, and enabled speeds of new to this generation of communication get instant translation accurately and quickly, thanks to the speed of the communication between the phone and the information stored on the cloud.

This will be Huawei detects phones Mate 20 on 16 October, as this is the time to review more details about the phone company’s folding rule, in the case of a desire that precedes the Samsung before declaring the next.

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