Huawei outraged by the statements of the US government

We all know about the conflict between Huawei and the U.S. government, which broke out in the middle of last year and has led to the fact that the Chinese manufacturer has closed many doors to cooperation with American (and not only) companies. Until the scandal then intensified, then slowly flowed, the parties are constantly exchanging punches with each other, and the sanctions that weakened, then strengthened again. The US government once again spoke to the Huawei. This time the essence of the charges was to ensure that the telecommunication equipment of the latest is the ”backdoor” that allows to access communication of users.

Company throws the fight.

So the conversation was more substantive, if you are not aware, let me remind you that Huawei deals not only with smartphones, the sale of which they have risen very strongly in recent times. They had a base that allowed me to achieve such heights in this business.

Even long before they made the first smartphone the company has released a touchtone phone. It happened in the beginning of zero, but the device has not reached significant heights, although some models were really significant. For example, Huawei was the first to use in their phones with the latest 3G technology.

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But the history of the company began even before that when, in 1987, the Ren of Zhengfei, a former officer of the people’s liberation army of China, created a company to manufacture telecommunications equipment. Many just associate it with the government, but it would be foolish to assume that this is evidence of his connection with the party. Even if it is, it could occur at any time, and this does not have to be an officer.

Telecom equipment Huawei really are everywhere and work on it almost all the largest operators of cellular communication. That is why the accusations of the US government look very versatile. However, the company’s management does not agree with this and speaks strongly against such allegations, calling them illogical and shameful.

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“This reflects the bias of The Wall Street Journal against Huawei and undermines its credibility,” said Huawei in a statement.

Representatives of the company assure that the company’s access to the network is nothing more than a speculation that has no grounds. According to their assurances, the possibility of obtaining and processing customer data is only the operators that use equipment produced by Huawei, and no one else.

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In addition to the abrupt of protection, followed by a sharp attack in the United States. The company representatives said that the United States need to pay attention to themselves, as they monitor the users of the networks and equipment around the world

“As evidenced by the leaks of Snowden, the United States secretly gain access to telecommunications networks around the world, for some time watching the other countries,” — said in a statement.

It is also reported that Huawei is not just access to equipment and user devices lately, but they did it in the last ten years.

“We have evidence that Huawei has the ability to access confidential and personal information on the systems that it manages and sells around the world, “said the national security adviser, Robert O’brien.

Unfortunately, the specific ”names” were not heard, and we don’t know which operators and in which countries were in danger, which they say representatives of the U.S. government, but it is reported that this began with the introduction of 4G equipment.

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As you can see, Huawei did not want to give up and not recognize the allegations, which are, to put it mildly, strange. We have seen no evidence and received only accusations of the Chinese manufacturer that he is a spy.

The company representatives claim that such surveillance is, in principle, impossible and many operators agree with them. If you believe them, then any attempt to gain access to the equipment will be immediately revealed.

In the end, if it’s so simple and even via backdoor , you can obtain easy access to data operators, why can’t criminals? They are also not stupid, but how hackers are fighting, and the network operators and their work are one of the most secure systems.

Who is right? Perhaps, once we know this, and yet there is only behind-the-scenes romp, from which few of us will win. So I want to make it all end soon, the perpetrators (if any) was punished and we got back fair competition by administrative leverage.

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